1.     when will the next request for qualifications(rfq) occur?

There is no pre-determined date for the next Request for Qualifications. Please check our website for updates regarding future Request for Qualifications or visit a Cultural Arts Commission or Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting to connect with the Pomona arts community.

Our current meeting home is:             The dA Center for the Arts

                                                                  252 S Main St # D, Pomona, CA 91766

        For the next meeting date please contact the Pomona Planning Division at (909) 620-7191.

2.     What is considered Public Art?

Public Art is any permanent display of a work of visual art that was specifically designed to be located on site where it would be accessible to public view on private or public property within the City of Pomona. The artwork may include but need not be limited to sculpture, murals, mosaics, fountains, stained glass, and earthworks. In reviewing applications, we will look for experience with public art; with an emphasis on permanent original works, as opposed to temporary or commercial replication works.

3.     Will the budget for a project allow for artist(s) compensation?

Yes, the artist or group of artists selected for a project may include following expenditures as part of the overall artwork costs for an individual project per the AIPP Manual:

1. The work of art itself, including the artist’s fees for design and engineering and fabrication;

2. Transportation of the public art to the site;

3. Installation of the completed public art on the site;

4. Mountings, anchorages, containments, or other materials necessary for

installation of the public art piece up to five percent of the total art allocation;

5. Lighting specifically illuminating the artwork itself;

6. Appraisal fees as required for review of the public art application by the City;

7. Identification plaque as required by the Commission;

8. Permits, insurance, engineering or legal fees necessary for the installation of the artwork;

9. Other materials that are integral to the creation of the work of art;

4.     Are there pre-determined locations for the art?

No, there are currently no pre-determined locations for public art funds. The Cultural Arts Commission is in the process of creating a priority list of projects.

5.     My portfolio does not have any Public Art, may I still apply FOR FUTURE RFQs? 

Yes, while it does make up a percentage of the qualifications, we encourage individuals without Public Art experience to explain their interest and future approach to Public Art in their Letter of Interest.

6.     Who selects the artists to go a shortlist?

The selection of artists is overseen by Cultural Arts Commission and its Citizen’s Advisory Committee through the following process:

1.     Ad-Hoc Committee composed of Cultural Arts Commission Citizen’s Advisory Committee members will review and select qualified individuals for recommendation to the Cultural Arts Commission Citizen’s Advisory Committee

2.     Cultural Arts Commission Citizen’s Advisory Committee will review and recommend Artists to the Cultural Arts Commission

3.     Cultural Arts Commission will review the recommendations and create the “short list” of Artists

7.     How many artists may be selected for an rfq?

The number of artists selected is to be determined by the Cultural Arts Commission.

8.     How long will the rfq application process take?

The application process time frame will depend on the number of applicants received.

9.     May I apply to an rfq as an individual artist and as a member of a team?

Yes, anyone is welcome to apply as an artists as well as apply as a member of a team of artists.

10.     What should the application look like for a team of artists?

 A team of artists, will include one coversheet and list every team member. Every member of the team of artists should include their resume. Their letter of interest should additionally include the reason for applying as a team. Each team will be limited to the 15 item maximum for portfolio submittal.

11.   I am applying with a nonprofit, what information should I include?

Should you apply with a nonprofit organization, the non-profit organization will submit their resume, as well as their letter of interest.