Request for Proposals

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to expend Art in Public Places (AIPP) in-lieu funds may solicit from all or a portion of the AIPP Pre-Qualified Short List, depending on the scope and budget of the proposed project.

All proposal materials must be received on or before the submittal date & time. Any proposal materials received exceeding the maximum allowed or received after the date & time indicated in the Request for Proposals will not be considered. Artists responding to a RFPs will not be compensated for proposals.

Please review the project specific RFPs for all submittal requirements, available with the Planning Division.

Pomona Public Library.jpg

Pomona Public Library Mural


Proposals Due Tuesday, JULY 16, 2019 @ 6PM

RFP, Pomona Public Library

Open to ALL Artists on AIPP Pre-Qualified Short List





coversheet & PRELIMINARY budget

These forms are required for all proposal submittals, unless noted otherwise in the RFP.

AIPP in-lieu funds may only be spent on on costs associated with the eligible expenditures listed in the budget form. This is not a list of required items (unless specified by the RFP or Cultural Arts Commission), it is a list of items that are eligible to be covered by the AIPP fund. Any category which you are not proposing to utilize may be left blank “-” (i.e. a mural project may not require lighting thus may be left blank).

The preliminary budget form is preliminary only and does not require supportive documents.

The appraisal fees may be left blank “-” unless specified otherwise. The appraisal fees are for value verification of specific projects where the value of a proposed art piece may not be determined by the Commission and needs to be determined by a qualified art appraiser.


final design plan requirements &


The Art in Public Places Manual (pg. 14-16) outlines the requirements for a Final Plan.

Final Plans are prepared by an artist(s) selected as a Finalist(s) by the Citizens Advisory Committee.


insurance & permit questions?

Each Request for Proposals will be unique in nature and require varying insurance policies and permits for installation and may be dependent on duration of project installation.

For questions or assistance please contact

Alina Barron, Assistant Planner, 909-802-7729

Pomona Arts Colony Mural.jpg

Pomona Arts Colony Mural


Proposals Due Tuesday, July 16, 2019 @ 6PM

RFP, Pomona Arts Colony

Open to ALL Artists on AIPP Pre-Qualified Short List


Identification of Artwork, Required Plaque Information

Art in Public Places Manual, Section 3 Public Art Donations & Acquisitions Policy and Guidelines (pg 22)

Ordinance No. 4151 , Public Art